We've helped more moms bring babies into the world than any other hospital in the region.

From conception through the birth of your baby, we are ready with all the tools you need to make planning your family special and unique to you. And, since we know babies sometimes have their own plans, we are ready with the specialized care moms and babies may need.

Help for fertility issues

If you are one of the many couples struggling to conceive, you are not alone. Reproductive Health Specialists in our full-service fertility center offer many advanced techniques to help you achieve a successful pregnancy. The specialized staff and experienced, board-certified physicians recognize the emotional and physical needs of couples struggling with infertility and focus on helping them become families.

OB/GYN care for mom and baby

Methodist Physicians Clinic is home to the area's largest group of OB/GYNs.  With locations at the Methodist Women's Hospital, mid-town Omaha, Gretna and Council Bluffs, experienced care for you and baby is close by. 

Choices for a birth experience of a lifetime

We want to provide you with a birth experience as individual as the new person on the way. We designed our labor and delivery rooms and processes for your comfort and safety, the safety of your baby and the convenience of your family. Learn about the labor and delivery processes, technology and designs that help welcome your baby into the world.

After the birth of your baby, you will be moved to a private room for you to recover and spend the first days with your baby. Learn about the special mother and baby room features to keep you and your new family safe and comfortable.

Safety designed and built into the hospital

Families don't plan on complications, but when they happen, we have built in special safety, training and technology to make your birth experience safe and as comfortable as possible. 

If your pregnancy needs special care...

Some pregnancies require extra care to keep mom and baby as healthy as possible. At Methodist, we have physicians who specialize in identifying and treating the complications of pregnancy. These Maternal-Fetal specialists, also called perinatologists, are OB-GYN physicians with specialized training in maternal fetal medicine and expertise in managing high-risk pregnancies. The Methodist Perinatal Center is located at Methodist Women's Hospital and staffed by the largest and most experienced group of Maternal / Fetal doctors in the region. 

Education and support for new families

We know you have questions. Even if you are an experienced parent, each pregnancy and baby is different. For new families we offer several areas of education and support:

Breastfeeding support

On-site certified lactation consultants are ready to help answer your questions and work through any challenges you and baby have with breastfeeding. They provide specialized one-on-one care and instruction to help new mothers breastfeed successfully.

Childbirth and new family education

We offer classes to help you and your support person prepare for labor and childbirth. We also have classes for caregivers and family, parents expecting multiples and new big brothers or sisters. Following the birth of your baby we also have classes and support groups for moms returning to work, bonding with your new baby and infant CPR. Learn about all the education and support we offer new parents and parents-to-be.

Neonatal Intensive Care

Few births require Neonatal intensive care. If yours happens to be one, know that a highly–specialized team is here to care for your precious baby. Neonatologists and dedicated care teams at Methodist Women's Hospital NICU treat more critically ill infants than any other hospital in the Omaha area. Learn about the special technology, design and people providing Neonatal Intensive Care. 

Caring for your growing family

With clinics located throughout the Omaha, Council Bluffs and Southwestern Iowa areas, Methodist Physicians Clinic primary care physicians are close to you and your family. With 22 locations, there are pediatricians, family medicine and internal medicine physicians experienced in caring for generations of Omaha-area families. New patients are welcome. Learn about the physicians, specialties and locations of Methodist Physicians Clinic.