Behavioral Health Inpatient Services

Methodist Fremont Health's inpatient behavioral health center features 20 private patient rooms for persons ages 19 and older. This unit provides acute care to voluntary and involuntary patients in a safe and therapeutic environment, while maintaining the highest level of patient privacy, dignity and confidentiality.

Patients admitted to our inpatient program may be experiencing a range of emotional or behavioral symptoms including social withdrawal, suicidal thoughts or actions, hallucinations, confused thinking, mood swings, despair, irritability and an inability to care for themselves safely.

The stabilization of a patient’s psychiatric disorder begins with psychiatric and medical evaluations. Treatments may include medications, patient and family education, individual and group therapies. These serve as the core of the care we provide. Our goal is to provide stabilization and improvement of a patient’s symptoms as quickly as possible. Our team works together to develop and implement an individualized plan of care that typically includes:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic intervention
  • Medication
  • Therapy
  • Discharge planning

Treatment Team

Treatment is supervised by a licensed psychiatrist and provided by a team that includes registered nurses, social workers, therapists, behavioral health technicians, and a recreational therapist. Caregivers, family members, and primary care physicians are encouraged to participate in the process by assisting with the identification of problems and solutions.


Following medical clearance by an emergency department, behavioral health staff will conduct a pre-admission assessment and review this with the staff psychiatrist. The psychiatrist will determine if the client meets the clinical criteria for inpatient treatment prior to admission. Admissions are accepted 24/7.

For questions or referrals, call (402) 941-7850.

Adult Behavioral Unit

  • 20 private patient rooms for adults ages 19+.
  • Comprehensive psychiatric and medical evaluation for patients with primary behavioral health issues.
  • Designed and staffed to provide a calming/soothing environment for patients with safety and security in mind.
  • The length of stay in our adult program is determined by individual patient care needs and varies widely, with some patients ready for discharge in a few days to others who may need additional time.


Methodist Fremont Health Behavioral Medicine - Inpatient Unit
450 E. 23rd St.
Fremont, NE 68025

(402) 941-7850