Tobacco Use Prevention and Smoking Cessation Programs

We are committed to helping children never smoke. We provide the No Tobacco Challenge - a one-day classroom discussion campaign that includes materials for presentation to students about the dangers associated with tobacco use. Students have the opportunity to accept the No Tobacco Challenge and pledge to be tobacco free.

The Lung/Thoracic Oncology Clinic is also available for individual classroom presentations on the danger of tobacco use.

QuitSmart® smoking cessation program

The QuitSmart Smoking Cessation Program is designed to help smokers stop smoking and learn how to prevent future relapses in only three sessions.

The following topics are covered in the program:
  • Tracking tobacco use
  • Medical and physical aspects of quitting
  • Basic quitting strategies
  • Consideration of the nicotine patch and gum
  • Explanation of why people use tobacco
  • Discussion of habit versus addiction
  • Stress management techniques
  • Weight management
  • Importance of fitness programs
  • Relapse prevention strategies
  • Follow-up


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