"You're Going to Be OK"

Transferred to Methodist Women's Hospital from South Dakota, Jenna thanks her nurse Connie in this DAISY award nomination letter: 

This time last year was the most terrifying and also wonderful time of my life. I was transferred to Methodist Women's from Sioux City as a high-risk patient because of placenta previa and accreta.

This was my second hospital stay during my pregnancy and I was told I wouldn't be leaving until the baby came, hopefully not until 35 weeks.

The last few days, as we neared my C-section date, I became extremely nervous. I had never had a C-section before, and I was also facing a hysterectomy and knew (too much about) the risks of both the surgery and my conditions.

Connie was one of my nurses in the days leading up to my daughter's birth, and was with me the day of my surgery. I was terrified. I knew my baby was going to be okay, but I was fearful I wouldn't be around to raise her.  

I will never forget that morning when she said, "you're going to be okay." It seems so simple, but her words carried me through the surgery prep and being wheeled into the OR. They were said with the compassion of, not just a nurse, but a mother, and while I was trying to be strong for my OWN mother, who was extremely concerned, that's just what I needed.

I truly never believed those words until I heard them from Connie.

My surgery went perfectly and our beautiful daughter was born healthy and I made it through with flying colors thanks to our wonderful doctors. When I finally woke up and got to the recovery floor, I was sick and dizzy from the anesthesia, and only vaguely remember people coming in and out of my room. But, I vividly remember Connie, who came upstairs to check on me.

I don't remember exactly what she said, but seeing her there, I knew she had been thinking about me during her shift and wanted to see me on the other side of this life-changing experience. I thought she might be thinking, "see... I was right."

Especially as we near our daughter's first birthday, I think about my time at Methodist Women's often. I received the best care I could've imagined there, but it's because I felt so loved by people like her that I have so many good memories from what was a scary time.

Jenna Liberto

About the DAISY award:
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