Blood Conservation Key for Surgery Patient

An Open Letter to the Doctors, Staff, and Blood Conservation Program

The Blood Conservation Program means so much to us as Jehovah's people, so your sponsoring this program brought us to Methodist hospital, where we were surprised at the excellent quality of service that you offer.

After two months of being a patient, leaving March 13 to go to Madonna for physical therapy ... etc., I have been trying to put into words my appreciation, as well as the gratitude all in my family have, for the care you gave.

First of all, the Blood Conservation Program is outstanding. Darryl Gucwa closely monitored my status throughout my entire hospitalization. He was very helpful and kind. We appreciate that he was thorough in answering our questions and providing us with information when we needed it.

Each member of my family has spoken of how all the members of the staff cooperate with each other, from the doctors all the way to the cleaning staff. The nurses and their aides were outstanding and we would rate EACH of them as top notch. Just a few that come to mind are: Julie and Jackie in the Cardiac Unit, and a few on the 9th Floor South: Danielle (RN), Courtney (RN), Ashley (CNA), Kathy (Wound/Colostomy Teacher & Specialist) and really each nurse, aid, all therapists that are too numerous to mention. One of the housekeeping staff that especially sticks out is Behara Kendic.

The standards set in Methodist are well above other hospitals we have had the misfortune of experiencing. Our daughter, Felicia, is an RN from New York and New Jersey. Felicia commented on how impressed she was with the quality of care and equipment at Methodist hospital compared to a couple of hospitals where she has worked in New York.

Each member of my family has spoken of how all the members of the staff cooperate with each other, from the doctors all the way to the cleaning staff.

We saved our most gratitude for the doctors. Without Doctor Shashi's skill, humility, determination, dedication and personal interest, I am sure I would not be alive. Dr. Shashi (Shashidharan) was very patient, encouraging, and kind in explaining things to our family, answering all questions we had. He was also forthright in letting the family know the high possibility that I would not survive. We appreciate so much that Dr. Shashi showed humility by asking for input/opinions from other doctors and radiologists. He proved to be available via phone 24 hours a day, just as he had assured us and the nurses. Dr. Shashi's communication is wonderful. He called to check on me and kept watch on my condition through his computer on his weekends off as well. We are thankful for Dr. Shashi's wife's interest in me and my family, as well as her understanding and tolerance when being awakened by phone calls during the night.

Doctors that quickly come to mind are:

Dr. Shashi and his co-workers, Dr. Tenant, Dr. Blanchard; Dr. Gholami and Dr. Kotula; Dr. Thommi and Dr. Christopher Shehan; Dr. Joseph Stolp; Dr. Coster and Dr. Peters; Dr. Su; although there were others who were great as well.

Again thank you for your blood conservation program and thank you for making my hospitalization a pleasant experience during such a difficult time.


Doris and Bill Walther, and family:

Serena and Charles Gibson
Garland and Leslie Walther
Jacob and Danielle Walther
Felicia and Aaron Hastings
Wayde and Emily Walther