She Alleviated My Cancer Fears

It's been about 18 months since my surgery, and thus far I have recovered well and am cancer free…

I had wonderful care from the time I was admitted to the emergency room until I left the hospital seven days later. I met some very caring staff along the way and I wanted to take a moment to share with you my uplifting experiences with Dr. Nadkarni.

Dr. Nadkarni was amazingly patient. She explained all the options to me, and when I was unable to decide on my own came to my room that evening to talk with my parents. I had undergone a laparoscopic hernia repair the year before, but this was my first major surgery and I was absolutely terrified - not just of having surgery but also of the possibilities the surgery would uncover. Her outpouring of empathy towards me was sincere and heartfelt.

She gave her recommendation and strongly suggested surgery, but did so without pressuring me and was absolutely willing to go down any of the other treatment paths. She explained all the details of the hysterectomy and all the options should she find a fibroid or tumor.

I decided on the surgery and in the end it was absolutely the correct choice. A biopsy of the mass during the surgery confirmed malignancy, so Dr. Nadkarni proceeded with a hysterectomy and removed both ovaries. Because our discussion had been detailed beforehand, there were no surprises upon waking up from surgery.

Dr. Nadkarni cares. I can hear it in her voice and feel it through her words and actions.

Bonnie Smith, cancer survivor

I give you these details because, although this may sound very mundane, this has not always been my experience with doctors and surgery in regards to other members of my family. I was, and continue, to be amazed and grateful by Dr. Nadkarni's professional yet personal bedside manner. The way she usually greets me with a hug at my follow-up appointments and calls me personally with the results of my blood tests every three months. The way she insisted that I become her GYN patient instead of going back to my regular doctor for GYN follow-up.

Dr. Nadkarni cares. I can hear it in her voice and feel it through her words and actions. That (and her skill as a surgeon, of course!) I believe strongly is what helped me get through this past 18 months. In my opinion, she is the epitome of 'the meaning of care.'

Bonnie J. Smith