These People Would Make Amazing Kindergarten Teachers

An open letter to everyone from housekeeping and food service to nursing and therapy

I want to thank you and your amazing Methodist Staff for the wonderful care and attention that I received during my recent three-day stay at the hospital. I had hip replacement surgery and I am home recovering, but I felt compelled to write you and let you know about my experience during my surgery and follow-up stay.

I started making notes at the hospital of the names of my many caregivers -because they started to strike me as outstanding individuals! They are all doing their job -but in such a gracious, caring and genuine way! I am a Kindergarten teacher -and that is how I try to do my job, each and every day. I kept thinking, "These people would make amazing Kindergarten teachers!" And that is not a compliment that I would hand out to many people, in this world!

So here is my "Shout Out" to my staff! I was nervous and a bit worried - especially waiting until noon for surgery. Nurse Kim in Pre-Op. was sweet, gentle, kind and reassuring. l got worried when my heart started to pound (I have SVT) and she handled it calmly, quickly and reassuringly.

Of course, Dr. Jana's staff and assistants were amazing as well! Just can't remember their names -I was a little blurry by then!

The staff on 8 North became my new circle of friends from Monday -Wednesday. My nurses that I would like to acknowledge are: Nicole, Brittney, Amber, Karina and Student Nurse Haley.

Nicole was the essence of what care should be all about! She was professional, kind, gentle, knowledgeable, a good listener, positive, out-going, engaging, skillful and helpful -in every way! She always worked nights -so you would think that I would mostly have been asleep as she worked. But no, it was her job to gently wake me up and take blood, vitals and give meds -many, many times during the night! I had many fun and interesting conversations in the middle of the night -and I napped during the day! She was a JOY! It takes a special person to work that shift, and do it with enthusiasm!

The therapy staff were also so kind and considerate and I would like to thank these PT's and OT's: Kara, Ann, Justine, Maggie (who might have been a student.) They were all energetic and kind -they made you want to move and get well!

I also want to compliment your Pre-Op program where I met a Nurse and PT from 8 North -ahead of time! This appointment was so helpful and valuable! I met Brittney and Kara at that appointment -and then they happened to both take care of me in the hospital! That appointment alleviated so many of my fears and concerns. It answered the difficult questions of "What does this surgery feel like? Look like?" They answered the very basic, but most important questions about things like catheters and stomach issues! The things patients worry about!

I would also like to mention my housekeeping staff member, Gloria. She came in quietly and politely, doing her job. She was moving a bit like she had an "ache" of some kind - I recognize those movements, after walking on a degenerative hip for months! So we visited a bit - and I told her, "You need to have a hip replacement!" (Joking, of course!) I told her how much better that I was feeling! We laughed together - and perhaps I convinced her to pay attention to the pain. She was lovely to visit with, and she cleaned up my room so nicely - then she asked me, "What can I get for you?!" What a lovely thing to do - even your HK staff is offering to help me! Outstanding! I think she helped me get some fresh water, which was so nice! She didn't have to do that - but she did!

One last "Shout Out" to your kitchen and staff! The food was hot and delicious - hmmm, not what I was expecting for hospital food! The selection was really nice - and my special needs adult son loved reading the menu to me, on his visits! He said that you should add "Cotton Candy" and then it would be perfect! A big thank you to staff member, Denver. He delivered almost all of my meals with a smile and a song in his heart! He just spreads joy!

“Every single staff member, including students, stopped and asked me each and every time,”Is there anything that I can get for you?”

Julie Jernstrom, surgery patient

Thank you for an excellent caring experience at your hospital. The friendliness was evident throughout my stay - and my visitors noticed it too!

The one major thing that stands out in my mind, about my stay, is that every single staff member, including students, stopped and asked me each and every time, "Is there anything that I can get for you?" And they meant it! They helped me with ease and grace!

THANK YOU for making my hip replacement surgery a successful one, a personal one, and a caring one! It was a blessing that I ended up in your care - with so many people doing it right!



Julie Jernstrom