Methodist is the ONLY Hospital

I can't thank your staff enough for making my dad's stay with you as comfortable as could be

In this day and age, we tend to hear only the negative things and rarely do we hear the positive things people do. I would like to bring it to your attention that exemplary care my father received between August 11th and August 15th at your hospital while in the Emergency Room, and during a hospital stay.

It started and ended with phenomenal care provided by Dr. Russell Cowles! The fact that he genuinely cared about his patient, my father, is something that I can honestly say has not happened regularly in my father's lifetime and through his numerous hospital visits. You see, my father is one of the highest decorated Vietnam veterans from the State of Nebraska, but this is something that he would never tell anyone. However, many of his struggles are related to the sacrifices he made over there and continued to suffer through to this day. I do not think Dr. Cowles could have treated his own father better than he did mine. You have a true asset in him.

I would like to bring it to your attention that exemplary care my father received...

Shane T.

Next, I would like to bring to your attention Dr. George Emodi. He treated my father for Pseudo Gout while at Methodist for this same visit. Dr. Emodi was also sensational when it came to his care, bedside manner, and overall positive attitude.

Last but not least there were four nurses that deserve credit for making his stay as pleasant as could be under the circumstances; they also made a very good impression on our family. The ER RN Ann Wieseler and the nurses in room 715 - RN Courtney (LNU), RN Natalie (LNU), & CNA Mikayla (LNU). My father is not a very patient person, especially when he is in the hospital. He was even more trying during this visit, as he was in a lot of pain and fresh out of two consecutive (prior to this visit) hospital stays elsewhere. RN Courtney attended to my father the majority of the time and she deserves additional recognition for care, because she certainly took pride in her care of him.

I realize I have not mentioned each person who participated in my father's care while at Methodist, but wanted to point out the most notable and add that I also want to thank those who I did not mention. I didn't see everyone who cared for him while he was there, but I do know that when he came out of the hospital, he said that he liked each and every doctor and nurse who provided care for him and that if he ever goes back into the hospital, Methodist is the ONLY hospital he is going to.

My dad means a lot to me and I can't thank your staff enough for making his stay with you as comfortable as could be.

Sincerely, Shane T.