Our Mom was admitted to the hospital on Dec 19, 2016 on the 9th floor- south. Within a few days we knew she was terminal and planned to take her home and enlist the care of hospice. At the time we thought she may have weeks/months to live but she, and God, had other plans.

On Christmas Eve she told us she was so ready to die as she lived a good 95 years and told us to be happy for her as she could now see our dad, her mom, and meet the father she never knew. On Christmas Day the hospital chaplain contacted the priest to administer the Last Rites. Mom was totally coherent and able to pray with us.

The chaplain was there throughout the day. She was such a source of comfort. We got a phone call early in the morning telling us mom will probably pass within 24 hours. When we arrived the nurses had neatly packed up her things, had chairs placed in the room, and a cart with fresh fruit, bagels, juice, and coffee were there for us.

The compassion that the nursing staff showed our mom, and to us, was above and beyond. She was always treated with dignity and respect.

the family of Lorraine Clark

She was accessed every two hours, always making sure she was comfortable, and always asking if we needed anything. Why would we now want to move her back home to die when she was so well cared for?

At 1:55 am on December 27th, mom passed away. We pressed the call light and within 30 seconds four nurses were in the room with us. As tears welled up within us, we looked over to see tears from the nurses too. They cared. They truly cared. And we will forever be grateful.

Thank you to the entire staff, including the cleaning staff, for the care given to our mom.


Family of Lorraine Clark