Well done staff, WELL DONE!

An open letter to the staff at Methodist Hospital Radiology Department

On May 17th of this year, I had an MRI ordered by a Healthwest physician for a recent issue.  I arrived at Methodist Hospital for my MRI and was greeted by the nurse, Sherry Laseman. Sherry took the time to ask all of the standard questions while she was putting in my IV.  She was kind enough to explain all of what was to be expected; even though I have had numerous MRI's prior to this she still went through the list of questions.

I saw firsthand the true Meaning of Care

Dan McMahon

I should say I am an employee of Methodist Health System and even though I knew Sherry, she still took the time to treat me as a patient and showed the compassion that is part of the "Meaning of Care". She made sure I made it to the tray and let Katie Thornton take over to administer the test. She asked if I was comfortable as one could be on the tray. Katie explained how long each series of scans would be and then she would administer the contrast and do some more scans.  Katie was kind enough to ask me what kind of music I wanted to listen to, to which I replied, “Pick one, it really doesn’t matter to me.” She wanted to know if I wanted a washcloth for my eyes to which I declined.

I have never written about the care I was given at Methodist Hospital.  Believe me when I say I have been here more than enough times for various procedures and tests.  I am doing so now because after being on the other side of the fence, I saw firsthand the true Meaning of Care.  It opened my eyes to see the compassion that is heartfelt from the beginning to end that all Methodist employees offer.     Now, as I walk the halls I see even more action with the Meaning of Care exhibited throughout the hospital.  Well done staff, WELL DONE! 

I just wanted to say THANK YOU,

Dan McMahon