A letter of thanks to the ICU team

On Monday, April 9 my mother-in-law Marilyn was admitted to the ICU at Methodist. She was admitted after an evening of difficult breathing. What we thought would be a short stay ended up being a stay in which Marilyn never came home.

On Friday, April 13th at approximately 5:30 pm Marilyn L Gibbs died with 5 of her 6 children present. This note is to the ICU nurses and doctors who helped throughout the week. The week was difficult, filled with a lot of emotion and uncertainty.


The ICU nurses were kind, compassionate and helpful. Every day a new nurse would come and demonstrate the utmost respect for our entire family. They would carefully explain what was taking place, they spoke to an unresponsive woman with respect and dignity.

I want to especially thank Melissa and Stephen.

Melissa was present on Tuesday when the day went horribly wrong and we had to put Marilyn on a ventilator - a ventilator that she would never come off of alive. Melissa was present and decoded the words of the doctor, spoke to the family with true compassion and didn't leave Marilyn's side throughout the entire situation. Thank you! We appreciate all you were able to do for our family.

He spoke to us with kindness not only in his voice but in his eyes.

Kristi Gibbs, daughter-in-law

I also want to thank Stephen. Stephen was with the family throughout Marilyn's transition from medical care to comfort care. His professionalism and compassion will never be forgotten. He spoke to us with kindness not only in his voice but in his eyes. He did not rush any decisions and constantly checked on the family to be sure we were comfortable. He answered questions, continued to provide excellent care to all.

Thank you to the entire ICU team on floor 7 at Methodist. We will never forget your kindness and the care you showed to Marilyn Gibbs, a mother, grandmother, sister, and friend. Thank you and bless you all.