Find a physician for specific family members, or one for the entire family

From infants to grandparents, our physicians are committed to taking care of you and your family. Our providers are board-certified in several areas of primary care:

Family Medicine 

Caring for the entire family, from children through adults
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Internal Medicine

Internal medicine providers care for adolescents and adults 
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Caring for children from birth through the teenage years 
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Caring for a woman's health care needs throughout her life 
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Why choose a Methodist Physicians Clinic provider?

We have a commitment to our patients and their families because, just like us, they are parents, sons and daughters and friends. Like the loved ones in our lives, we want what is best for them. Our commitment includes:

  • A physician who listens to you.
  • Convenient appointment times.
  • Locations throughout the area.
  • After-hours Urgent Care with access to your medical history.
  • Medical records tied together from your physician's office to the lab and through any hospitalization.

About Methodist Physicians Clinic 
Methodist Physicians Clinic providers represent more than 20 specialties and with over 200 doctors, it is the largest, private, not-for-profit, multi-specialty group practice in the area. All physicians are board-certified in their specialty - offering you the assurance that your doctor is dedicated to learning and applying the latest evidence-based treatments.