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Support Services

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You can help ensure the legacy of caring continues for those whose lives are touched by cancer.

Harper's Hope can offer you and your family the support services needed to overcome any obstacles that may accompany your cancer diagnosis. Our team places an increasing emphasis on finding the most effective ways for treating the whole person, including your mind, body, and spirit.

A host of support services are available to cancer survivors. These services address some of the many needs that you may have during or after treatment.

A Time to Heal

This is a 12-week holistic rehabilitation program designed to help cancer survivors and their caregivers regain their physical, emotional and spiritual health after cancer treatment.

(402) 401-6083

Financial Counselor

The financial assistance program is designed to serve those in financial need with compassion, consistency and fairness. If you are experiencing financial difficulty due to medical expenses, our financial counselors will work with you to identify and explain available options. This service is free and confidential.

(402) 354-7812

Lymphedema Services

We offer a nationally accredited program providing individualized treatment and complete decongestive therapy by certified Lymphedema specialists.

(402) 354-4670

Pelvic Pain and Sexual Medicine

Health professionals at Methodist Physicians Clinic Women’s Center provide medical expertise, counseling and physical therapy to address concerns related to pelvic pain and sexual health.

(402) 815-1770

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

Specialized therapies enhance quality of life by maximizing patients’ strength, mobility, function and communication during and after cancer treatment.

(402) 354-4670

Spiritual Counseling

Chaplains are available to support patients and their loved ones with processing the emotional and spiritual issues that may accompany a cancer diagnosis. They also assist, upon request, with arranging spiritual or religious rituals that are important to the patient for comofrt and healing.

(402) 354-4016

Weight Management

This program is designed to help individuals achieve a healthy and reasonable weight loss of 10% of their body weight over six months. Health professionals with specialized training in exercise science and dietary nutrition provide medical care and information including one-on-one sessions as well as group support and presentations.

(402) 354-1900

Cancer Support Groups

Harper's Hope and Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center work with local organizations to offer additional, specialized support groups to cancer survivors.

Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center is adhering to all local and CDC guidelines. As a result, support group offerings may be modified and virtual attendance options may be available for select groups. Please call (402) 354-5893 for more information.

Breast Cancer Support Group

  • Second Tuesday of the month, 4:30-6 p.m.
  • Karrer Conference Room
  • For women only
(402) 354-5478

Prostate Cancer Support Group

  • First Thursday of each month, 7-8:30 p.m.; Main Lobby
  • For men, their family and friends
(402) 354-5834

Young Adult Survivor’s Network

  • Cancer survivors ages 18-45 are welcome
  • Hosted at other locations
(402) 354-5893