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Methodist Women's Hospital Outreach Program Staff

Sheri Kimmey, MSN, RN-NIC, NDCS
Sheri Kimmey, MSN, RN-NIC, NDCS

Clinical Nurse Educator - NICU

Sheri Kimmey, MSN, RN-NIC, NDCS, is a NICU-focused clinical nurse educator in the Methodist Women’s Hospital Outreach program. She completed her Master of Science in nursing at Nebraska Methodist College.

Sheri’s interest in neonatology began when she observed the NICU during a nursing clinical.

“I was selected for a one-day observation in the NICU and applied for a job there the next day,” she said. “I am inspired daily by the resilience of the tiny babies we care for. It is truly incredible to be part of the growth that happens not only within the baby, but also within the family.”

In her role with the Outreach program, Sheri creates and facilitates curriculum for employees of Methodist Health System as well as staff from nearby hospitals.

“I am extremely passionate about developmental care in the NICU,” said Sheri, who has earned her Neonatal Developmental Care Specialist designation. “I love educating staff and families on the importance of brain protection during a NICU hospitalization.”

She is particularly proud of being selected to participate in the Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities program in 2016.

“This program provided me with leadership education and exposure to the multiple clinics that are available to children with developmental disabilities,” she said.

Sheri and her husband have four children – their oldest son was a NICU graduate. She enjoys spending time with her family, camping, attending youth sporting events and photographing her kids.