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Rhondel Santoro Joins Methodist Community Counseling Program Staff

Published: Nov. 21, 2022

For more than 20 years, Rhondel Santoro, MS, PLMHP, has helped others struggling with mental illness.

She’s worked with survivors of domestic violence, homeless individuals diagnosed with mental illness, incarcerated veterans and people on probation.

“I enjoy working with individuals whom some might see as more of a ‘challenge,’” said Santoro, a counselor with the Methodist Hospital Community Counseling Program. “But, I’ve never thought of them as a challenge; rather, just people that need extra care or creative correction.”

She enjoys finding ways to help clients identify an individualized plan and providing steps to help them reach their goals.

“I think an important part of providing care is meeting people where they’re at, and being able to be empathetic to each person’s unique story,” Santoro said.

She believes that the most important parts of the provider-client relationship are building a rapport and creating a safe place.

Santoro said she’s had many memorable moments throughout her career as a counselor. She shared that on one occasion, “I was attempting to go over anger management material with a group of clients, and no one seemed particularly enthused. I chose to stop the lesson and had them get into groups and create their own blues songs. Without even knowing it, they engaged in something that was very therapeutic and more powerful!”

Outside of work, Santoro enjoys traveling and spending time with family, including game nights that “tend to get quite competitive.”