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Methodist Family Medicine Welcomes Dr. Laflan

Published: Aug. 7, 2018

OMAHA – Dr. Alison Laflan has wanted to care for others for as long as she can remember.

Growing up with a father who was a physician and a mother who was a nurse practitioner, she got to see firsthand the difference providers can make. The more she saw, the more she liked.

“I used to tag along with them to the ER and to clinic,” Dr. Laflan said. “I wanted to watch everything and do everything. It's always kind of been what I wanted to do, and I guess I never looked back.”

Dr. Laflan has joined the family medicine staff at Methodist Physicians Clinic Indian Hills. While she expects to see a range of conditions, her focus is on her relationships with patients.

“I like the comprehensive care of family medicine and taking care of the entire family,” she said. “Being able to brainstorm and specifically come up with plans designed for the individual, and just developing that relationship with the entire family is really special and cool to me.”

Dr. Laflan received her bachelor’s degree in chemistry health sciences from Wayne State College. She earned her medical degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, where she also completed her family medicine residency.

She said Methodist Health System’s culture, reputation and commitment to its motto, “The Meaning of Care,” made the job a natural fit.

“Especially in family medicine, I feel like we get to embody that completely, taking care of the person and not the disease,” she said. “That's why I went into medicine, and I can tell that Methodist really embraces that.”

Dr. Laflan is now seeing patients at Methodist Physicians Clinic Indian Hills (8901 W. Dodge Road). Appointments can be made by calling 402-354-8990.