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Methodist in the Media

Omaha World-Herald: Are Home Births A Right or a Risk?

Published: June 1, 2015

Home births, once the norm and then almost taboo, have increased nationwide over the last several years as some women try to assert control over the momentous experience.

Although still a small portion of births in the United States, the number of home births has risen steadily in Iowa and elsewhere. But it hasn’t increased in Nebraska, one of only two states, with Alabama, where certified nurse midwives are forbidden by law from assisting at a home birth.

Advocates for certified nurse midwives have tried but failed to get state law changed, and momentum on that front has stalled even as nurse practitioners this year won the right to autonomous practice.

Methodist Physicians Clinic Midwife, Marilyn Lowe, was one of the medical experts to weigh in for this Omaha World-Herald story by Rick Ruggles.