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Methodist in the Media

WOWT: Methodist's New Fight Against Drug Abuse

Published: Aug. 12, 2015

We saw a string of robberies at pharmacies this summer, where the bad guy was not going after money, but prescription medicines.

Methodist System is making it more difficult for drug abusers to get their hands on the pills while also making it easier for those who actually need it.

Judy Shepherd has seen Dr. Steven Zuber at Methodist Health for years for her arthritis. He helps her by prescribing medications.

It used to be that getting her medications was almost the bigger pain for Shepherd. "I'd come out and pick up the prescription, then I'd take it to the drug store, and then you'd have to leave it, and then I'd come back and pick it up," she said.

WOWT reporter Alex Hassel sat down with Dr. Zuber to learn more about Methodist Health Systems's electronic prescription program.