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Community Counseling Program Counselors

Our team of licensed mental health practitioners provides accessible and affordable behavioral health care where you live, work and learn.
Photo of Jeff Friedlander, Program Director of Methodist Hospital Community Counseling Program in Omaha, Nebraska

Jeff Friedlander, LIMHP

Program Supervisor

Jeffrey Friedlander, LIMHP, LICSW, grew up with parents who were involved in the mental and behavioral health field, but he became interested in a career in counseling after working at a national research hospital with youths who experienced emotional and behavioral challenges.

As program supervisor of the Methodist Hospital Community Counseling Program, Friedlander enjoys working with youths, adults, families, couples, active military service members and veterans.

He delights in seeing clients gain insight to their behaviors or emotions and implement meaningful changes in their life.

Friedlander believes that the most important part of the counselor-client relationship is trust.

“Without trust, clients will not be willing to be vulnerable, which prohibits them from making meaningful change,” he said.

He hopes that clients understand the significance of seeking counseling.

“My goal is to validate the vulnerability involved with processing life’s challenges. I want clients to know it takes a lot of courage to seek support and modify unhealthy habits.”

Friedlander believes that The Meaning of Care involves displaying kindness, care and warmth while truly being present.

Outside of work, Friedlander enjoys playing and watching nearly any sport, reading, and spending time with his family and dog.