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5 Simple Exercises for a Great Pool Workout

The pool is a great place to cool off in the summertime heat. It’s also a great place to get in a workout – getting drenched with cool water instead of sweat!

Benefits of exercising in water

Swimming is an excellent way to exercise, and it is beneficial to do specific exercises in the water. Water provides resistance while also supporting your weight, taking less demand off of your joints. 

Exercising in the pool can be beneficial for patients with osteoarthritis, chronic pain, muscle tears or strains. 

5 simple, yet effective pool exercises

1. Forward walking

Yes, simply walking forward in the pool helps strengthen the glutes and core muscles you need for everyday walking. Make sure you are in waist-high water to get the greatest benefit from this exercise. 

2. Side-stepping walking

Side-stepping also strengthens your hip muscles which help control a level pelvis. Make sure your feet are pointed forward and don’t allow any side-bending of your trunk. Again, do this exercise in waist-high water. 

3. Standing shoulder extension

With your arms raised straight out in front of you, simply push the water down to your hips while contracting your abdominals. This is a great shoulder and core strengthening exercises. 

4. Standing hip abduction

Standing on one leg while holding on to side of pool, kick your other leg to the side. You should feel the muscles on the outside of your hips contract during this exercise. 

5. Standing hip extension

Standing on one leg while holding on to side of pool, kick backwards. In this exercise, you should feel the muscles in the back side of your glutes contract. 

Don’t just stop there!

These are just five exercises that can be done in the pool, but there are plenty of other exercises you can perform to help decrease pain and improve function. You can also add a little resistance to these exercises by using floats such as foam noodles, dumbbells or kickboards.

As always, talk with your Methodist Physicians Clinic primary care provider to see if exercising in the pool is right for you. You will want to be sure you are well hydrated and follow all safety precautions when exercising in pool.