7 People Share Powerful Reasons Why Community Health Matters

Published: March 12, 0008

Mohamed Elhelaly, patient
“You walk in, and it feels like you’re walking into a family. The friendly, caring staff really listen and make sure they get you what you need. Methodist did a great job in putting this clinic here. They’re investing in people. This is a great way to help the community.”


Cindy Hampton, patient

“This new clinic is so beautiful and so nice, but I’d like anyplace Diane [Millea] is at. She is so helpful, wise and encouraging. I recommend the clinic to others because it’s still affordable for people like me, and they’ve helped me so much!”


Diane Millea, DNP, APRN

"People are really amazed that there is this nice a place for them. And it's the little things where you go in to get your care. When it looks this nice it's welcoming it says you're important. We get to do all pieces of the care for the patient, and I think that's what I enjoy the most: you get to know the patient."


Leressa Joiner, patient
“I don’t know what I would have done without this clinic. I need this and so many others need this too. The facility is amazing. Beautiful. Spacious. I’m just blown away. This clinic will help a lot of people.”


Lindsay Northam, MD

"Being down on your luck is hard enough. You should not have to go to a shabby or less safe location for care. Ours is the area's newest and most beautiful clinic. People enter and feel the love. We care for them like any other patient because they are like any other patient. Every patient who walks through our doors will be welcomed, the fully insured, the underinsured and the uninsured."


Rev. Olaf Roynesdal, Senior Pastor, Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church

“We’re called to feed the hungry and heal the sick, regardless of race, creed or religion. Now, with multiple services under the Kountze Commons roof, we can take people by the hand and walk with them to the other resources they need.”


Full article published in "The Meaning of Care Magazine" | Spring 2018


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