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Approval from the Toughest Critics

They know good care

They say that nurses can be the toughest patients – and for a very good reason. They know good care because they’ve given it.

When Marcy Heim, BSN, RN, met one recent patient, however, it wasn’t a challenge at all. 

“I just try to connect with my patients,” said Marcy. “She and I just had a connection.”

Taking the time 

Marcy was a student fresh out of nursing school when she began her career at Methodist Hospital five years ago. She’s learned a lot on the job, and is currently a nurse in the short stay unit. She takes care of patients who won’t be in the hospital for long. 

“My philosophy is to just be compassionate and understanding. I listen to their needs. I enjoy providing care for my patients because they need help the most.”

Marcy Heim, BSN, RN
Methodist Hospital

Nursing a nurse

A short time ago, Methodist received a letter from a former nurse who was a patient of Marcy’s. 

“She had been in the hospital before so she knew what to expect,” said Marcy.

In her letter, the patient was highly complimentary of her young caregiver.

"Marcy treated this retired nurse with dignity and care,” wrote the patient. “She displays excellence in her cares with safety and the giving of medications. I felt that she was focused on me and not rushed when caring for my needs. She addressed pain and comfort. She would ask if there was anything I needed before she left my room. She demonstrated excellence in delegation and prompt follow-up when necessary."

Just like family

The patient was especially impressed by Marcy's warmth and kindness, patient-centered focus and ability to continually go above and beyond, explaining, "I can tell that this is not just a job to her. That it is her mission to care for the sick and give excellent care to those whom she serves and the family at the bedside."

What did this grateful patient most want to tell Marcy?

"Thank you for your excellent care," the patient wrote. "I felt like one of your family members."

Award-winning care

For her kindness and compassion with this patient, and for the attentive, compassionate care Marcy delivers every day at Methodist Hospital, she was recently awarded the DAISY Award for Methodist Hospital and Methodist Women’s Hospital. The DAISY Award is a nationwide program that rewards and celebrates extraordinary skill and compassionate care given by nurses every day. Nurses can be nominated by anyone, including patients, family members, physicians, supervisors or their peers.

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