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Published: March 12, 2018

Methodist Community Health Clinic provides medical care to the underserved at 26th & Douglas location at Kountze Commons. The clinic provides low-cost health care services to men, women and adolescents.

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Diane Millea, APRN: People are really amazed that there is this nice a place for them. And it's the little things where you go in to get your care. 

When it looks this nice it's welcoming it says you're important.

We get to do all pieces of the care for the patient and I think that's what I enjoy the most, you get to know the patient.

You have to know their background and many of them are chaotic backgrounds and may have multiple diagnoses they have no money to buy their meds. They don't have insurance. They don't have the skills to get into other types of care that they need.

So it's very challenging.

But it's extremely rewarding.

Josie Abboud, Executive Vice President/COO, Methodist Hospital: We're really creating a partnership in our community that says, "hey we're gonna work together to take care of our most vulnerable in our community" and I think what that will do for Omaha is help keep our Omaha residents well, particularly those that need it and maybe have trouble with access to care and instead we're again providing care to them in a beautiful facility that we've invested millions of dollars in.

Millea: Many people that we see in any of the services here with their family service, Commons a food pantry or our clinic if they didn't have a place like this they would have no place to go for their services. It also means that somebody is caring about meeting more than just my health care needs or just my mental health needs or is my food needs we put them together.

Abboud: You know at Methodist we often say that we deliver the Meaning of Care and at our Methodist Community Health Clinic the people that we have working there truly exemplify what the meaning of care means. They have a calling, a draw to serve this population.

So our staff there really makes the Methodist Community Health Clinic. If you go there and watch them interact with the patients, I think that's a testament to the type of people that we have working at Methodist Community Health Clinic


Full article published in "The Meaning of Care Magazine" | Spring 2018


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