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Caring From the First Hello: Remembering Trish Morrow

Published: Dec. 21, 2018

At the front door of Methodist Physicians Clinic Women’s Center at 192Dodge, your first hello was likely from a woman whose slight stature was eclipsed by the kindness in her heart.

As a patient ambassador, Trish Morrow was dedicated to meeting your needs, whatever they might be.

“It’s whatever is the need of the patient when they walk through the door,” Trish once said. “No matter how great or how small.”

Whether helping find a patient’s keys or walking someone to their appointment or emergency care, it was a job that brought her much joy. A former flight attendant, Trish often said being of service to others was simply something in her blood.

“To me, it’s staying human and asking what can we do to help one another,” Trish said. “Knowing this is how I like to be helped and this is how I can help you.”

It is with tremendous sadness that Methodist shares the news of the sudden passing of our dear friend. Trish delivered The Meaning of Care to everyone who walked through the doors of the Women’s Center.

Trish expressed to family and friends that she did not wish to have public funeral services. Those who had privilege of knowing Trish are asked to respect her wishes and her family’s privacy by honoring her in their thoughts and by always treating others with the same kindness, patience and love they could expect from her in every interaction.

Thank you, Trish, for your lasting love and legacy delivering The Meaning of Care. You will be greatly missed.