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Coronavirus Outbreak Can't Drive Omaha Golfers Off Course

Published: April 10, 2020

Coronavirus for now has shut down many of the traditions and events of spring, large and small, local and national.

One activity, however, has avoided shutdown through this period: golf. Evidently nothing can prevent golfers from playing their appointed rounds.

Most courses have adopted new protocols recommended by the association to help prevent spread of the virus.

Those include staying 6 feet from one another; sanitizing carts after each round; increasing the duration between tee times; removing the flagstick completely or filling the cup so a player won’t touch the flag as he reaches for his ball; removing rakes from sand traps; and allowing only one golfer to a cart.

Dr. Rudolf Kotula, an infectious disease physician with Methodist Health System, said he played golf this week. “It’s safe to golf if you keep your social distance,” Kotula said. He said one person should ride a cart, not two.

Omaha World-Herald: Coronavirus outbreak can't drive Omaha golfers off course