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Dr. Alisha Mor Joins Methodist Physicians Clinic Family Medicine Team

Published: April 10, 2023

Born with a cleft lip and palate, Alisha Mor, MD, received an early introduction to medicine. She spent more time in doctor’s offices than the average child, but that helped her gain an appreciation for her care team.

“When I spoke with the doctors, even at a young age, I remember having confidence in them and feeling like I was well cared for,” she said.

Now, as a family medicine physician with Methodist Physicians Clinic, Dr. Mor is able to return the favor.

“A patient should always feel listened to, cared for and confident in their care team and never feel nervous, embarrassed or ashamed when they come to the office,” she said.

She believes that the most important part of the patient-provider relationship is the ability to work together.

“I always say that I could have the most brilliant medical plan in the entire world, but if you leave the office either not understanding it, not feeling confident in it or not able to accomplish it, it’s not worth anything. Understanding the patient and building a plan together is very important.”

Dr. Mor likes helping patients reach their goals.

“I really love it when we cross that barrier from just taking care of a health problem to the patient feeling well and confident,” she said. “Whether that’s a patient finally losing weight, clearing up their skin or getting their A1C where it’s supposed to be, all of those can be really rewarding victories for the patient, and I’m grateful to be a part of them.”

Outside of work, Dr. Mor loves spending time with her toddler-aged son.