From Dr. Shiffermiller to Dr. Lydiatt, Mission Remains the Same at Methodist Hospital

Published: Dec. 18, 2019

Bill Lydiatt, MD, is grateful for the lessons he’s learned from the man he soon will succeed as Methodist Hospital’s vice president of medical affairs and chief medical officer. In the same vein, Dr. Lydiatt describes the many qualities William Shiffermiller, MD, displayed during his two decades leading Methodist’s medical staff.

“Dr. Shiffermiller is a tremendous mentor to the medical and support staff,” Dr. Lydiatt said. “He has fulfilled the role of liaison between administration and staff for 20 years, and has done so in mutual trust and collegiality."

In his new role as vice president of medical affairs and chief medical officer at Methodist Hospital, Dr. Lydiatt will help develop the health system’s strategic plan, implement new developments in medical techniques, assist in recruiting and retaining medical providers, and oversee the leadership and services of the medical staff department.

Metro Omaha Medical Society: Change in leadership, continuity in mission