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Local Experts Discuss Heath Care and the Affordable Care Act

Published: March 14, 2017

One accident, one illness could be catastrophic. Not just medically, but also financially.

Families stood to lose almost everything in medical bankruptcies when health insurance companies rejected those with pre-existing conditions and capped their policies with lifetime limits.

Uncovered costs helped health care expenditures soar, more than tripling in the last 20 years according to the federal National Health Spending Report. In 2015, the federal government was the largest payer of health care, covering 37% of the total cost through its two programs Medicaid and Medicare.

Methodist Health System CFO, Jeff Francis, was among the local experts featured in this recent report from The Reader about the status of health care before and after the Affordable Care Act.

The Reader reporter Leo Biga: Who's Going to Pay? Before and After the Affordable Care Act