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Methodist Applauds Nurses During National Nurses Week

Published: May 8, 2019

Nurses play an incredible role at Methodist.

In our hospitals and clinics, Methodist nurses are on the front lines of all kinds of emergencies. They're among the first faces our patients see.

This week, in honor of National Nurses Week, we say a big thank you to our nurses across the health system.

Thank you for treating others with compassion each and every day. Thank you for the sacrifices you make.

What’s it like to be a Methodist nurse and why do they do it? Here's what some of them have said:

“This isn’t just my job. This is who I am. I love taking care of people."

- Rachael Nielsen, APRN

“I feel lucky and blessed to be a part of this team of people who care deeply about our patients.”

- Amber Barker, BSN, RN

Amber is in the back row, second from the left, pictured with her team at the GI Endoscopy Center at Methodist Hospital.

“It really re-energizes you. It reaffirms that you're doing what you should be doing, right? Like this is the career for you when you get those days and you're like, ‘I made the difference.’"

- Katie Leggio, MSN, RN, CMSRN

“It's really cool to see that what I'm doing makes such a difference in patients’ lives.”

- Joel Sahulka, BSN, RN

Joel is pictured with a patient who returned to Methodist Hospital to deliver thank you gifts.

“We take a lot of pride in the care that we provide our patients, so it’s an honor to be recognized. People here put their heart and soul into their work.”

- Cheryl Bohacek, MSN-RN, OCN, service leader for Methodist Hospital's oncology floor

Cheryl is on left, holding a plaque and pictured with the Methodist Hospital 6 South Oncology team.

“In this line of work, you never do anything with the intent of getting anything back in return. It’s just a given. That you show unconditional love. For what you do, for the people you work with and for those you care for.”

- Angela Knigge, BSN, RN

“A lot of times (patients) are away from their families. They have lots of worries such as how they are going to pay their bills, how much maternity leave they will have left, and who is taking care of their kids. I just try to provide a lot of reassurance. I bring up faith... not necessarily God, but just faith that everything is going to be OK.”

- Miriah Jansonius, BSN, RN

“If it’s important to them, it needs to be important to us. Those are things their goals are centered on. That’s their why.”

- Megan Elliot, BSN, RN

“Two patients in one week changed me for the better. I was off one Friday, and when I saw them the following week, they both said to me, ‘I missed you on Friday!’ I didn’t realize my patients looked forward to seeing me like I look forward to seeing them!”

- Katelyn Nygren, BSN, RN

“I like working with the clientele here, the southwest Iowa folks. They're special. This is where I grew up. And so I like helping people make positive changes in their lives.”

- Kay Waters, BSN, RN, CCRP

Kay is pictured second from the left with Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital Pulmonary Rehabilitation program members.

“It was the least I could do. Flood or not, nobody should ever have to die alone.”

- Jill Kloke, BSN, RN

“In labor and delivery, it’s just another day for you, but for that person, it’s their whole world – their whole life. It’s that one day that they may never get ever again. To be a part of that – to make that day the most special day of their life is what I want to try to make happen every day.”

- Brooke Richardson, BSN, RN

On his philosophy of patient care: “It’s just genuinely caring about somebody’s outcome, and doing whatever you need to do to make it happen.”

Brian Wilson, BSN, RN