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Methodist Fremont Health Labor and Delivery Nurse Leans on Faith To Impact Patients and Coworkers

Published: Dec. 15, 2022
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Brittney Ruiz, BSN, RN, considers herself a “huge person of faith.”

She’s always known that she wanted to help people in some capacity, and as a labor and delivery nurse at Methodist Fremont Health, she believes she has a unique opportunity.

“It’s a privilege to be there during such an intimate moment with a family and to be trusted to take good care of them,” Ruiz said. “I honestly feel blessed to be a part of that and just to be the one that’s there for them.”


Providing Support

Kelsi Patrick had Ruiz as her admitting nurse for the birth of her first child in December 2016 and second in November 2017.

In late February 2022, Ruiz also helped deliver Kelsi’s third baby.

Brittney Ruiz
Brittney Ruiz cares for Kelsi Patrick's new baby in February 2022. (Photo by Jennifer Lee, RN)

Kelsi, now a mother of three children under the age of 6, didn’t have great experiences attempting to breastfeed her first two, but she decided to give it another try for her third.

Kelsi recalled that her emotions were all over the place – in the hospital and after her discharge. Unfortunately, talks of a baby formula shortage only helped contribute to her anxiety. But Kelsi trusted Ruiz to give her what she needed.

“Being able to have her give me that sense of stability and confidence that I didn’t have in myself at the time was really nice,” Kelsi said.

Ruiz said that it’s important for her to make sure new mothers feel supported, both in the hospital and after they leave. And that means lots of communication during any part of the day or night.

“I was determined to help her through it this time,” Ruiz said.

Brittney Ruiz and Kelsi Patrick
Brittney Ruiz and Kelsi Patrick after the birth of Kelsi's third son. (Photo by Jennifer Lee, RN)

Kelsi continues to breastfeed and knows that’s largely because of the care Ruiz provided, which led her to nominate Ruiz for The DAISY Award – a national recognition given to extraordinary nurses.


Shifting Schedules

In spring 2022, Deb Gathman, BSN, RNC-MNN, was scheduled to work during Easter.

But instead of Gathman having to miss time with her family, Ruiz stepped in to take her spot.

“I just don’t think every coworker would be so kind as to give up their holiday for another,” Gathman said. “She truly cared about my satisfaction at work and understood I needed that day with my family.”

That moment was just one of the many times that she’s had a positive experience with Ruiz. Gathman quickly realized when she started working in Fremont that Ruiz stood out among her peers.

“Brittney was always approachable and nonjudgmental,” Gathman said. “I felt I could ask her anything.”

Because of Ruiz’s willingness to work on Easter, Gathman also nominated her for The DAISY Award.

In the nomination, Gathman described what makes Ruiz special:

“It is coworkers like Brittney who make the nursing profession strong. Nurses who look out for each other and lift one another up when it is needed most. Nurses who give of themselves not only to their patients but everyone else around them. Methodist Fremont Health is blessed to have Brittney as an employee. I am even more blessed to have her as a coworker and friend.”

Ruiz’s path toward becoming a labor and delivery nurse started when she had her first child. Then a 21-year-old college student, she received unforgettable care from a nurse at Methodist Women’s Hospital.

After graduating with her nursing degree from Midland University, she landed a preceptorship at the hospital in Fremont and later accepted a full-time position.

“It’s just a God thing about how I even ended up where I’m at,” Ruiz said. “I’ve created great relationships, and it’s something that I want to do for the rest of my career.”


Emotional Ceremony

Ruiz said that she believes she isn’t someone who’s surprised easily. She seems to have a hunch about when something big is about to happen or when someone starts acting “fishy.” That’s why she wasn’t surprised when her husband proposed.

But things were different the day she was presented The DAISY Award.

Brittney Ruiz
Brittney Ruiz reacts to family and friends waiting to celebrate her.

Ruiz was told to meet her husband at the end of a hallway in the hospital, but, she recalled, that didn’t mean much to her because he works as a maintenance mechanic at Methodist Fremont Health. She looked down the hall and saw her husband as well as one of his colleagues. But when she turned a corner, she saw many friends and family members ready to celebrate her for her award.

“I was genuinely shocked,” she said. “They got pictures of me, and you could just see that I was so surprised and just overwhelmed.”

During the ceremony, tears started to fill Kelsi’s eyes as she read hers and Gathman’s nominations. Ruiz couldn’t help but get emotional, as well.

“I’m so grateful that my patients feel like I give good care, and that I have coworkers that I can consider to be sisters of mine.”

Kelsi Patrick and Brittney Ruiz
Kelsi Patrick (left) and Brittney Ruiz

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