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Methodist Nurses Make Valentine's Day House Calls

Special Delivery!

With hearts in hand, Methodist nurses from the ortho/neuro unit at Methodist Hospital 8 North visited Brookstone Meadows this Valentine’s Day. They had a few special deliveries to make.

“One of the girls cut out a bunch of Valentines for our team to decorate,” said Jessie Fechner, BSN, RN, service leader for Methodist Hospital 8 North, “and we spent the morning delivering them.”

Created with love

The idea came about during a staff meeting earlier this week. Each nurse decorated colored construction paper hearts and added a little chocolate for good measure. Altogether, about 60 Valentine cards were created.

“We just really enjoy giving back to the community,” said Fechner. “Receiving something like this makes people feel special and lets them know there are people here who care about them.”

Knocking on a few doors

When it came time for delivery, six nurses came armed with cards and smiles. They went door-to-door at both Brookstone Meadows and Methodist Hospital, giving cards to residents and patients.

“They volunteered their time to make it a special day for the residents,” said Fechner. “It was such a rewarding experience not only for our patients and the Brookstone residents, but honestly our entire team that was out there. It brought smiles to everyone’s faces and it was a good way to give back.”