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Methodist Physicians Clinic Adds Dr. Nidhi Madan As Interventional Cardiologist

Published: Aug. 24, 2022

Nidhi Madan, MD, knew she wanted to go into medicine after her uncle underwent an open heart surgery when she was young. She visited him at the hospital and witnessed his care team help him make a full recovery.

“It was amazing to see how doctors can treat big heart problems and make it all seamless,” she said. Now as an interventional cardiologist at Methodist Physicians Clinic, Dr. Madan attempts to “bring cutting-edge, innovative technology to real-life, practical experience.” And she believes Methodist helps her achieve that.

“I think Methodist exemplifies the goal of providing a comprehensive level of care to all patients,” she said.

“That includes not only providing them with cutting-edge, innovative technology and procedures, but also providing it with the utmost compassion and sincerity.”

Dr. Madan has a particular interest in minimally invasive surgeries, which often lead to quicker recoveries.

“The procedures themselves have become shorter and simpler. Technology has grown. Our equipment is better. All of those things combined with an effective team lead to good outcomes and patients spending the minimum amount of time in the hospital.”

After moving from India to New York for her residency, Dr. Madan also pursued a master’s in public health from Johns Hopkins University.

“I pursued it to complement my training so I could understand the impact of cardiovascular disorders among the community and globally,” she said. “That helps bridge the gap between community, an individual patient and their physician.”

She strives to put what she learned into practice by volunteering at community events such as blood banks and running/walking events.

Outside of work and volunteering, Dr. Madan enjoys playing tennis, landscape painting, walking and hiking.