Nebraska Nursing Shortage Expected To Rise 34% By 2025

Published: Sept. 16, 2019

Trying to keep up with the demand for nurses in Nebraska, and in the rest of the nation, involves hitting a moving target.

The state’s population continues to age. With that comes a need for more health care — and more nurses to deliver it. Changes in health care — such as performing more complex procedures in outpatient clinics — are also driving demand for more nurses.

To better track current demand and forecast future demand, the Nebraska Center for Nursing developed a new workforce supply and demand model. It factors in variables that affect demand — such as residents’ age, disease prevalence and available hospital beds — and projects it for nine economic regions of the state.

The center’s latest report puts the current shortage at the equivalent of 4,062 nurses statewide. That’s expected to grow to 5,436 in 2025, an increase of almost 34%.

Omaha World-Herald: Nebraska Nursing Shortage Expected to Rise 34% By 2025