Nurse Takes Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center Patient Skydiving

Published: Nov. 11, 2019

Ray Jolly, 66, was diagnosed with blood cancer about a year ago. He's experienced six rounds of chemo and needs blood and platelet transfusions about twice a week.

His visits at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center can take several hours. In that time, he's developed a bond with nurse Abbey Lacy. They're both adventure seekers who like to chat about extreme sports.

Recently, Ray was having a tough week and Lacy noticed he wasn't his usual self.

"I was down that he was down because it's not typical for him to have kinda a bum attitude. It was like, 'What can I do?' I was just sitting at my desk and, light bulb, I know exactly what I can do," she said.

KMTV: Omaha nurse takes cancer patient skydiving