Omaha Couple Welcomes Baby Girl Thanks to Special Surrogate

Published: April 1, 2019

When Matthew Eledge and husband Elliot Dougherty started talking about starting a family, Matthew's mom chimed in with an offer.

I just said, ‘Oh, wow, if you ever need a carrier ... I enjoyed being pregnant. I’d do it in a heartbeat,” Cecile “Cele” Eledge recalled.

Later, Matthew mentioned the offer to the couple’s fertility specialist in Omaha. 

Not that Matthew was really serious. Cele was 60 at the time, a good 10 years past menopause. Could such a thing even work?

Dr. Carolyn Maud Doherty, of Methodist Reproductive Health Specialists, said Cele was in "exceptionally good shape."

"There are very few 60-year-olds who could do this," Doherty said. "... It's a credit to her that she had always kept herself in shape, through diet and exercise. It shows you that if you do those things, you'll be healthy later in life and be able to withstand a lot of things that could happen to you medically, including pregnancy."

Photo courtesy of Ariel Panowicz

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