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Omaha Health Care Workers Focus on Self-Care During Pandemic

Published: April 2, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak has reminded Dr. Heidi Hausmann why she went into medicine.

“This is what we signed up for when we wanted to be physicians,” said Hausmann, the lead hospitalist at Omaha’s Methodist Hospital. “We all went into medicine to help people and our communities.”

But the pandemic also is taking a toll on caregivers’ mental health. They worry about all the unknowns regarding the virus. They worry about passing it to their loved ones when they go home at night.

Dr. Hausmann and Amy Monzingo, a counselor with the Best Care Employee Assistance Program, discuss the importance of caregivers maintaining wellness and avoiding burnout.

Omaha World-Herald: "We love to serve others,' but Omaha health care workers also focus on self-care during pandemic