Omaha Hospital Raises Awareness About Preeclampsia

Published: June 4, 2019

May is National Preeclampsia Awareness Month, and Methodist Women's Hospital wants all pregnant women to be aware of the dangers and symptoms to protect themselves and their babies.

Sarah Leising was 27 weeks pregnant when her blood pressure spiked and medication was not regulating it. She lives in Arapahoe, Nebraska and traveled more than four hours to see a specialist at Methodist Women's Hospital.

"I don't think I understood how much high blood pressure could affect me or Phoebe," said Leising.

Doctors diagnosed her with preeclampsia . They admitted her, and Leising ended up staying at the hospital for a total of nine weeks. She gave birth to Phoebe when she was 31 weeks along. Phoebe weighed 2 pounds, 6 ounces.

KMTV reporter Jennifer Griswold: Omaha Hospital Raises Awareness About Preeclampsia