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Omaha Men Become Fast Friends While Recovering From Strokes at Methodist Hospital

Published: Oct. 21, 2021

Dave Stroud, 63, and Keith Henke, 71, struck up a friendship in an unlikely place — Methodist Hospital.

Both men spent several weeks at the Omaha hospital while recovering from strokes. After meeting in a support group-type setting at the hospital, they quickly became buddies, visiting each other's rooms — which were next to each other — and tossing out jokes during therapy sessions in the gym. Meanwhile, rehab staff members used some creative approaches, include a trick-or-treating activity, to help the men with their recoveries.

Dave was discharged from the hospital on Monday, and Keith expects to leave Friday, but the pair have exchanged numbers and plan on keeping touch.

"You get so close to everybody here," Dave said. "If I hadn't had a stroke, we never would have met." 

Omaha World-Herald: Omaha men become fast friends while recovering from strokes at Methodist Hospital