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One Family's Remarkable Lifetime Connection to Methodist

A Snowy Beginning

The Blizzard of 1948-49 began in November. It was a series of storms that continued uninterrupted until February 1949. It was January 17 when Susan Tafini’s mother went into labor.

Susan Tafini of Springfield, NE was born on January 17, 1949, at Methodist Hospital on the corner of 36th and Cuming. A family tradition was born with her.

At the time Susan's family lived near 48th and L Streets in rural Omaha, Nebraska. Methodist Hospital was five miles away at 36th and Cuming. Another storm was raging. "My father didn't drive," Susan explained. "He had to beg a taxi driver to brave the blizzard."

The delivery was smooth, and Susan was the first in the family to be a Methodist baby.

The Cadillac of Medical Facilities

Methodist Hospital had moved when Susan was ready to deliver her daughter in 1976. It now resided at the western edge of the city at 84th and Dodge. Patient use was high at the new building. One physician described it as "the Cadillac of medical facilities in Omaha."

"I had my first child while we were living in Denver, Colorado. I wish we would have flown to Omaha so I could have delivered at Methodist!"

Susan Tafini

Because of the popularity of Methodist, the entire ward was full, and Susan had to wait 12 hours after delivery to settle into a room. There was no space in the nursery, so newborn Terra was put in the preemie unit even though she was full term and healthy. Susan only saw her when she was brought in for feedings or looking through the hall window of the nursery.

Come Just for the Pizza

Terra and her husband, Greg Beethe, suffered a tragic miscarriage 2009. They thank doctors at Methodist Women's Center for the special understanding and care that helped ease the heartbreak. When Terra learned she was pregnant in 2010 she knew where she wanted to have her baby. By now, Methodist Women's Hospital had opened at 192nd and West Dodge Road, once again on the western edge of Omaha.

Before Terra was to deliver, she and Susan visited Methodist Women's during an open house. "What an amazing hospital!" Susan said. "It's like going to the Ritz." Susan planned on being there when her grandchild was born, but Mallory had other ideas, she came after only four and one-half hours of labor. Susan arrived after to greet her newest family member and the third generation born at a Methodist hospital.

Terra was thrilled with her experience at Methodist and jokes that the food was some of the best she has had! She and her husband have since returned to the hospital just for the pizza.

A Part of the Family

"Having a baby is certainly different from my mom's day and mine," Susan said. "Being a part of three generations of Methodist Hospital babies is something to shout about," she continued. "We love Methodist."

Your Turn

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