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Personal Connection Makes Patient Experience Memorable

An unhappy patient

Despite being a doctor himself, Dr. Louis Gerbino wasn’t a fan of having to have surgery.

“I don't like it,” said Dr. Gerbino, “but I know I’m going to have another surgery, and I want it to be at Methodist.”

Making the connection

Dr. Gerbino underwent a shoulder reconstructive surgery at Methodist Hospital. And while the surgery was successful, Dr. Gerbino says what really made the difference for him was the care he received during recovery.

“The aftercare was excellent. Everybody on staff was wonderful, but there was just something special about Allie.”

Dr. Louis Gerbino
Methodist Hospital Patient

Becoming fast friends

Dr. Gerbino says during his stay, Allie was particularly empathetic to his situation. She showed kindness, care and compassion. But more importantly, the nurse and patient shared a friendly bond.

“There was just sort of a chemistry that kept me smiling,” said Dr. Gerbino. “I think we ended up entertaining the whole unit.”

Dr. Gerbino says Allie was a fantastic nurse who despite her young age, reminded him a great deal of the experienced staff he used to work with before he was retired. He strongly believes that kinship hastened his recovery.

Planning his return

Soon, Dr. Gerbino will need to go through yet another surgery, this time on his knee. And while he admits he had been dreading the upcoming operation, knowing he will receive care from a nurse like Allie makes the idea much easier to bear.

“I felt like we were on equal footing,” said Dr. Gerbino. “Because of Allie, my dread has been mitigated by the chance to work with such a fantastic nurse again.”

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