Working to Help his South Sudan Village, One Net at a Time

Published: April 28, 2017

Dr. Joseph Dumba’s plan to save a tiny part of the world rests on your willingness to buy a mosquito net. A $10 mosquito net.

The family practitioner, based at the Methodist Physicians Clinic near 90th and Dodge, believes that if you see what he has seen and hear what he has heard, you might be compelled to reach into your wallet and give him $10 for his next trip to Africa, which he’s planning in early June.

Then he can buy enough mosquito nets to shelter some 120,000 people, including his father and his African health clinic staff who are part of the nearly 2 million people fleeing civil war and famine in South Sudan.

In the Ugandan refugee encampments near the White Nile River, conditions are bad for humans and great for mosquitoes. Which means malaria. Which could mean another global humanitarian catastrophe that, already the worst in Africa, could rival Syria, he said.

Omaha World-Hearld's Erin Grace: Omaha doctor plans to help refugees from his South Sudan village one mosquito net at a time