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Amid snow and freezing temps, Methodist employees show The Meaning of Care

Published: Jan. 19, 2024

Day in and day out, thousands of Methodist staff members do their part to provide the best experience possible for our patients, visitors and each other. It’s known as The Meaning of Care – not only a slogan, but also our identity.

For over 130 years, our staff’s devotion to caring for our communities has withstood an array of challenges. Through it all, we’ve leaned on each other and worked with trusted community partners to continue providing the care our patients expect and deserve.

Even during this month’s snowfall and dangerous cold, The Meaning of Care persists. Many examples of our staff’s selflessness and generosity may not be publicized or recognized, but we appreciate them nonetheless. 

Jenny Delavan and PT patient in the snow
Jenny Delavan and her patient prepare for another round of sledding as part of his physical therapy.

Thank you to our employees for efforts such as:

  • Clearing snow from the helipad walkway, providing a safer experience for staff and critically ill patients 
  • Working with a rural fire department to transport a woman – 27 weeks pregnant with triplets – from Methodist Fremont Health to Methodist Women’s Hospital
  • Taking a pediatric patient sledding as part of a physical therapy appointment focused on regaining balance and mobility 
  • Personally assisting patients, visitors and employees in parking lots and garages, limiting the likelihood of falls
  • Finding places to sleep for employees who couldn’t travel home – even placing thank-you notes and mints on their pillows
  • Giving your coat and gloves to a patient who had no winter gear
  • As heavy snow fell, finding time to laugh with the mother whose last child was born during a tornado warning
  • Picking up pizza for staff sleeping at the hospital, easing the strain on café employees
  • Covering coworkers’ shifts when travel was difficult or dangerous
  • Offering rides to colleagues who otherwise couldn’t travel to work
  • Clearing snow from coworkers’ driveways
  • Transporting staff from the employee lot to the hospital, limiting their exposure to extreme cold
  • Clearing snow from patients’ and fellow staff members’ vehicles 
  • Working above and beyond the norm to keep rooms, halls and facilities clean and safe for patients, visitors and staff

These are just a handful of the ways that Methodist employees have showcased The Meaning of Care in the wake of challenging winter weather. We know there were countless others because, at Methodist, that’s simply what we do.

Thank you all for your efforts and commitment to Methodist’s mission!