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Benefits of Early Hospice Care

Published: May 24, 2021

Katie Bonham, clinician manager for hospice care at Methodist Fremont Health, spoke to The Fremont Tribune on May 22 about the advantages of getting hospice care early.

“Getting in hospice sooner allows our team to build relationships and trust with the patients and their loved ones — which is huge and helps us provide better support,” she said.

The Fremont Tribune: Advantages of early hospice care

Nikea Brady, resident life coordinator at Dunklau Gardens in Fremont, opened up about her grandmother, Lila Day, and how she has benefitted from early hospice care. Day’s condition began declining a couple weeks ago. Brady said it’s been a blessing to already have the hospice team members — people she knows and trusts — in place.

“I didn’t have to go and sign papers,” Brady said. “I didn’t have to go and meet new people, while I want this time with my grandma. I already had them on board. It’s already people I know so it’s not like I’m bringing in strangers. I’m bringing friends.”

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