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Family Ties: Kyle and Meghan Brichacek enjoy the family atmosphere at Methodist Fremont Health

Published: June 18, 2024

A common sentiment of Methodist employees is that their coworkers feel like family. For some employees, that's a reality because their spouse, sibling, child or other relative also works for the health system. 

In this feature, you'll learn more about Kyle and Meghan Brichacek, a pair of nurses who enjoy taking care of people in their community.


How long have you been married? Tell us more about your lives outside of work.

We’ve been married six years in August. We have two boys, Ben and Oliver. We have an acreage outside of Scribner where we raise cows, chickens and turkeys and have a large garden. We spend most of our days taking care of our animals, gardening and canning. 


How did you meet?

We met in the 2012 when we worked at the same nursing home in Fremont. After a few years of working together, we went our separate ways. Eventually, we started hanging out in the same friend group. After some convincing, Meghan finally gave in and let Kyle take her out on a date, and we’ve been together ever since. 


Tell us about your current roles at Methodist.

Meghan works as a nurse in the PACU at Methodist Fremont Health, where she’s been for the past six years. Kyle works as a nurse in acute care at Methodist Fremont Health.


How did each of you find your place at Methodist?

Meghan started at Fremont Health in 2014 as a patient care tech. After graduating from nursing school in 2015, she was hired to work in acute care. Kyle followed her to Fremont Health in 2015 as a PRN nurse. He eventually took a full-time nursing position. 


What is it about Methodist that keeps you coming back?

Meghan started her nursing career at Methodist and has always felt supported and worked with some of her best friends. We both love the flexibility of our jobs and feeling like we’re a part of a big family. Meghan says that when you walk down the hallway, you see your friends, family (Meghan’s father works in maintenance and her grandma volunteers in the Look Nook) and people who’ve taken care of you and your family and they ask about them. That’s why we stay – we love how family-centered it is. 

We were both born and raised in Fremont, so we end up knowing some of the people we take care of. About five years ago, we moved to an acreage outside of Scribner, and Meghan jokes that we meet our neighbors when we take care of them. We both love taking care of the people in our community.