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With Help From Methodist Doctor, Fremont Man Loses Over 100 Pounds

Published: May 31, 2022

At 5 feet, 7 inches tall, Jeffrey Singleton of Fremont weighed 285 pounds and had a 46-inch waist. Because of his weight, he was uncomfortable sitting next to other people in tight spaces, like on an airplane. He’d seek a table at a restaurant instead of trying to squeeze into a booth. Worst of all, Singleton said, he was taking four pills daily due to his high blood pressure. He was on chronic pain medication as well.

Then came the day in 2021 when Singleton’s physician, Dr. Jason Dinsmoor, was ready to prescribe a fifth blood pressure medication. Singleton needed to make a change.

Today, Singleton is a man transformed. Now weighing 179 pounds – more than 100 pounds less than when he began making lifestyle changes – he recalls the steps he took to lose weight and the people, like Dr. Dinsmoor, who helped him.

“He was a caring, understanding, respectful doctor,” Singleton said. “I had to take part in my own rescue, but he was a part of it. He would make sure I was doing the right things. He would always be available for me and that was more than enough.”

Fremont Tribune: Jeffrey's Journey: Man loses more than 100 pounds