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Irish Nurses Visit Methodist Women's Hospital

Published: Sept. 27, 2022

Clare and Catherine are nurses from Ireland. They’re learning from Forensic Nurse Examiner Team Leader, Jen Tran, about how they care for patients in need.

All three work closely with those who’ve experienced abuse.

A big focus of this trip is the Cortexflo camera: a forensic camera used at Methodist Women's Hospital since 2017. Cortexflo has around 500 of these camera systems in the United States.

“Ireland currently has no photo documentation. They only chart the injuries, so they wanted to bring their program into the 21st century and they came to us to use the Cortexflo, put it into a working party, evaluate it and then look to deploy it across the country,” says Kevin Thomas, General Manager of Cortexflo.

“So if we see a bruise, we document it, we measure it, we document the location and then we write where that location is, and then we describe it, whether it’s a bruise, a laceration, an abrasion, draw it as best we can on a body map and then we write a report based on that ... We’re a small country, we’re a small little island but actually, we deal with over 1,000 patients a year in our six units,” says Catherine Marsh.

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