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It Takes a Methodist Doctor

“I believe in treating patients with compassion, as a member of my own family.” – Rudolf Kotula, MD, Infectious Disease

Thomas White, MD, Bariatric Surgery, General Surgery

“I used to tell my residents that I only have one rule, and that’s to take care of your patients like they’re your family. If you do that, everything else falls into place.” – Thomas White, MD, Bariatric Surgery, General Surgery

It takes a loving person, whose children may be grown – to express the joy of holding another’s as if they were their own.

“I love being there in those moments that are most important in my patients’ lives – moments that they’re going to remember forever. Oftentimes I find myself thanking them for allowing me to be involved in their care and that special moment for them. It’s awesome. It’s fuel for the soul.” Brendan Connealy, MD, Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Brendan Connealy, MD, Maternal-Fetal Medicine

“I realized with the birth of my first child, that this was truly a gift from God, and I understood unconditional love. So, to know that feeling and to be involved with other people’s families and God’s gift of children – that brings me the greatest joy.” – William Jurgensen, Obstetrics/Gynecology

It takes a genuine person to want to hear a heart’s desire – to treat the problem after learning of what fuels the soul with fire.
Karen Joyce, MD, Internal Medicine

“Listening and understanding patients’ stories is the first step in setting and accomplishing goals with them. I really enjoy the connections I can make with patients.” – Karen Joyce, MD, Internal Medicine

It takes a loyal person to be the kind of friend – who’s always there to lend support from beginning to the end.

“It’s so important to help patients navigate through their cancer care and treatment and to inform them of everything that needs to happen – getting them through those difficult times and being with them through the good times.” – Robert Lindau III, MD, Head and Neck Surgical Oncology

It takes a person we call “doctor” to mend, heal and repair, but at Methodist, ours do that and more – they are The Meaning of Care.

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Jessica Gill, the External Communications Manager for Methodist Health System, is a former television news anchor and journalist. She has a passion for story-telling and illustrating Methodist’s Meaning of Care.

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