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Jennie Edmundson Foundation: Generosity Helps Fund Radiography System

Community support. That’s what enabled the Jennie Edmundson Hospital Foundation to purchase a state-of-the-art system many are calling “lifesaving.”

“The Faxitron BioVision digital surgical specimen radiography system will enhance patient care at the hospital’s Breast Health Center,” said Michael Zlomke, MD, general surgeon and medical director of the center.

The system delivers increased magnification to detect the smallest abnormalities in a tissue specimen, while creating optical images that enable specialists and surgeons to more accurately orient the specimen for review. The imaging system is also designed to provide immediate verification of excised breast tissue margins. 

Faster Confirmation

As soon as a suspected cancerous lesion is removed, a surgeon can place the specimen inside the BioVision system and send a detailed X-ray to a radiologist for confirmation that the entire lesion is contained within that tissue. 

“That X-ray tells the surgeon right away if the entire lesion has been removed,” said Annabel Galva, MD, a radiologist with Diagnostic Radiology PC and the Breast Health Center. “The faster I can provide an answer, the better it is for the patient.”

Within 60 minutes of removal, a pathologist delivers the specimen to the pathology lab to preserve it for further testing.

“Preserving the specimen is vital in determining what treatment the patient receives after surgery,” said Jean Thomsen, MD, with PathLab Ltd. at Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital. “The best test result equals the best treatment.”

Support for Breast Health Care

In October 2018, Pink Out events were held across western Iowa. Volunteers and participants enjoyed an array of activities, while raising funds for breast cancer awareness and treatment.

A generous legacy gift made to the hospital foundation, along with donations from a direct mail campaign, also highlight the compassionate nature of Methodist patients, families and friends.

“The addition of this potentially lifesaving specimen radiography system would not have been possible without the community’s generosity,” said Tara Slevin, vice president of Volunteer Services and Foundation for Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital. 

A Comprehensive Team Here at Home

The Breast Health Center began serving patients in 2000. Its continuum of care includes preventative and diagnostic screenings, as well as personalized treatment of breast health issues.

Having it in western Iowa means patients can stay close to home and still receive high-quality treatment from someone they know. 

“Many times, the people we treat are our neighbors, our friends – people we have known for years,” Dr. Zlomke said. 

“That is personalized care at its best."

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