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Jennie Edmundson Joins Rotary Club Effort To Deliver Medical Supplies to Ukraine

Published: March 30, 2022

"It all started with a zoom call I was on with a Rotarian from Ukraine," said Carol Horner, who leads 39 Rotary Clubs in eastern Nebraska and southwest Iowa.

Her district teamed up with five midwestern states and the Ukraine Medical Association of North America in Chicago to raise money and gather medical supplies for people in Ukraine. When the Rotary Club asked Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital for help, emergency services director Courtney Schmid immediately thought of the Stop the Bleed kits that the hospital had on hand.

"Prepackaged kits that have scissors, sharpie pens in them, a lot of gauze, gloves – everything they need to apply a tourniquet," he said.

The Rotary Club's first drop of 50 tons of medical aid arrived in Ukraine last weekend. A second haul is set to leave Chicago next week.

KETV: Jennie Edmundson joins Rotary Club effort to deliver medical supplies to Ukraine