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Methodist in the Media

Medical Team Helps Karla Perez Leave a Lasting Legacy

Published: April 29, 2015

Karla Perez was 22 weeks pregnant in early February and was not feeling well at home. She collapsed and was brought by ambulance to Methodist Women’s Hospital. An assessment by staff and a CT scan revealed a brain bleed and she was transferred to Methodist Hospital for further evaluation and ICU admission.

Karla would not recover and was clinically brain dead. She was 22-years-old.

The medial team and Karla’s family decided to attempt to provide somatic support and maintenance of Karla’s pregnancy until a viable gestational age was reached. She was transferred to Women’s in mid-February and our team managed to accomplish their goal – keeping Karla on support for 54 days. Baby Angel arrived via C-Section on April 4. Karla was an organ donor and assisted four patients in need on April 9.

The Methodist medical team shared Karla's story with members of the media on Wednesday.

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